Supima: WORLDS Finest Cottons - Hardcover

This comprehensive monograph celebrates the history and fashion collaborations of Supima, America’s most luxurious cotton.

Since 1954, Supima has dedicated itself to offering the world’s finest cottons to the global fashion industry. Cross breeding strains to develop a rare extra-long staple fiber, the brand established a new industry standard adopted by designers as well as world-class brands ranging from Lacoste to Brooks Brothers. In parallel to the formalization of the American fashion industry, Supima developed a uniquely American product sought after around the world.

Lush photographs of Supima’s growing and refining processes, historical images, and fashions from the early twentieth century to today trace the vibrant history of the fiber and contemporary applications. Portfolios and runway photos from established and emerging designers and fashion schools highlight the fiber’s enormous range. Photographers from William Helburn to Roe Ethridge captured the trajectory of Supima from AIGA award-winning campaigns to today’s collaborations with top designers and industry innovators, like Uniqlo and Casper. Supima: World’s Finest Cottons follows a luxury product’s journey from humble fields to an integral part in some of the world’s most iconic garments.

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