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Bali Pendant

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Makers utilize old world techniques to create this luxurious and modern piece. Made with hundreds of thin buri sticks, derived from a palm in the Asian tropics, the pendant is formed using traditional techniques practiced to make fishing baskets. Don't let the ancient construction techniques fool you, the bell shape, antique brass pipe kit and ombre finish add contemporary flair. Available in two sizes.



    • Large: 31.5-61.5" Adjustable Total Height, 32" Diameter, 26"H
    • Small: 23.5-53.5" Adjustable Total Height, 22" Diameter, 18"H

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    Shipping/Lead Time:

    2 to 4 weeks


    • Materials: Buri Midrib, Steel
    • Finish: Antique Brass
    • Finish Will Vary
    • A19 Incandescent Bulb
    • Black Cord Or Clear/Silver
    • 110-120 Volt


    • Approved for Australia: Yes
    • Approved for Canada: Yes
    • CB Certified: Yes
    • Approved for Kuwait: Yes
    • Approved for Mexico: Yes
    • Approved for New Zealand: Yes
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