Our Story

Modern Relik was born from the vision of proprietor, Meg Kimball, an interior designer by trade, having experience in property development in the Boston area. For over 20 years she has brought exceptional aesthetic life to space with her style of chic and sophistication.

Meg founded Modern Relik so that she could share her passion and style of interior design to the public. “Beauty and elegance should be accessible to everyone,” insists Meg. Modern Relik is a furniture design company well known for mixing swanky avant garde with the spirit of the classic old unlike the garden-variety alternatives. Located in Waltham, MA in a 5000 square foot industrial showroom, Modern Relik celebrates a unique mixology of past relics (hence our name) with the edgy look of today. Quality and comfort, as well as being equally beautiful and well-crafted, are a top priority at Modern Relik. 

At Modern Relik, you will find home furnishings, art, floor coverings, lighting, accessories, vintage finds and treasures from all over the world. We feature the world’s leading manufacturers and highly acclaimed designers in the trade. 

This is about us. But it’s really about you. What’s YOUR story for your living space? Modern Relik will ignite the wonderful possibilities of interior design for you to achieve a bespoke look that reflects who you are and what you are all about.

Founder's Bio - Meg Kimball

The visionary behind Modern Relik is Meg Kimball, a distinctive interior designer of 20 years and a passionate art collector. Meg’s taste for all things luxe and beautiful spans the globe. Her keen eye for all things stylish emanates in her line of home furnishings and décor, originating from places all over and personifying modes from various eras. Like an artist with a blank canvas, she skillfully and effortlessly blends the raw with the refined, the old with the new, and the simple with the ornate to produce unique swanky elegance. 

Meg’s discriminating style presides in various luxury commercial real estate, upscale residential homes, as well as in popular retail shops in the Boston area. Her signature designs have awarded her a solid reputation for luxury lifestyle. 

Meg lives in MA with her husband. She has four adult children; two work for Modern Relik. She presently serves as the Creative Director for the company.

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