Bauhaus Office Reboot

The Bauhaus architecture designed in the 1960’s and 70’s was a stark aesthetic, spawned by a new way of thinking. A symbol of a progressive age, “Bauhaus” became shorthand for functionalist architecture, or form following function.

Modern Relik’s Design Director, John Dransfield, set out to update this office space within the lobby of a Walter Gropius building located in Boston, MA. What had been covered up over the years (cement walls, harsh lines) was uncovered or reimagined with new materials. Keeping true to the spirit of the building’s original manifesto, Dransfield invigorated a modern spirit with glass walls, sleek concrete tables, a wood beamed ceiling, and a dramatic Brutalist mural extending the full length of the office space, giving it a modernist feel with more than a gentle nod to its now celebrated past.

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