CITY Rooftop Garden

High above the streets and with a grand view of the city skyline, a little-known paradise with a storybook setting sits atop one of Boston’s major apartment buildings. In the summer months, an oasis of treillage, greenery and flowers flourish against the urban backdrop, creating an exquisite private Eden for the many residents of the building to enjoy.

A vast area equal to the size of a small park, Meg Kimball worked with landscape architects Gregory Lombardi Associates to create her vision for a rooftop terrace, where small groups of people could gather in semi-private spaces while still maintaining an openness and deck-like appearance.

Custom wrought iron trellises were airlifted to the twelfth story of the building, designed in the form of green walls and obelisks, for flowers and greenery to grow on but also to help define the spaces. Quiet areas with water fountains and climbing hydrangeas were carved out, juxtaposed with common area spaces for dining and grilling, as well as spots for sunbathing sun worshipers.

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