Desk Accessories

THORN PRICK Letter Openers

Open your letters with style and sophistication. The heavy and sturdy gold Thorn Prick Letter Opener feels good in your hand and adds a bit of flair to your desktop. Hand cast in BRONZE with antiqued patina.

ARTIFACT Bookends & Paperweights

Facetted chunks of marble and stone, a RESIN EGG and cast aluminum coiled serpents make up our collection of interesting artifact bookends and paperweights.

Decorative BOXES

Decorative boxes wrapped in faux shagreen, EMBOSSED LEATHER, SHELL or RAFFIA are adorned with brass detailed finishes or a lovely ornamental closure such as agate or shell. Most are then lined in SUEDE or chambray, making them extra luxe. Perfect for the desk or on the nightstand to hold all of life's little necessities.


The PLAY of the calligrapher with the calligraphy brush is often compared to the DANCE OF A BALLERINA.

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