Millennial Apartment

The owners of a Bauhaus building in Boston continued with their rebranding by enlisting John Dransfield to create a Model Apartment with a mid-century vibe. Designed to emulate a youthful, upwardly mobile, Millennial-inspired flat, here John shows us how to take an otherwise vanilla box and give it the youthful zeal of an interesting, curious city-dweller.

Starting with a neutral palette, the open floor plan is anchored by an extra-long, modern ivory sectional sofa. A curated gallery wall of mid-century inspired artwork is thoughtfully arranged above. The palette is spiced with the electric colors of red, yellow, coral, rust and blue. Graphic artwork by Liz Roache, a disciple of Ati and Walter Gropius (the founder of Bauhaus) and Josef Albers, a famous mid-century painter and colorist, sets the tone for a mid-century modern vibe.

The unapologetically romantic bedroom consists of a canopy bed constructed from hospital-style curtain track that is mounted to the ceiling and then hung with luxe linen fabric panels that puddle gently to the floor, surrounding the low platform bed. This creates maximum drama to a mid-sized bedroom – a room within a room, if you will - and the feeling is restful and serene. Again, an oversized Liz Roche print is used with a bold graphic in bright red, orange, black and cream for a glorious pop of pizzazz.

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