It's the blend that hits the mark everytime. We call it 'the perfect mix'.  Just as we live our lives by accumulating experiences, our homes should reflect who we have become over time, yet be modern and relevant for the future.  By adding a splash of something bold or even outrageous, we give an old room a whole new spirit.  On the other hand, pairing an ultra-modern sofa with a pair of fabulous vintage side tables makes the whole combination feel more thoughtful and personalized, rather than reflecting a store's point of view.  Modern with a dash of patina.  The past, the present and the future.  By mixing it up and losing the need to abide by only one style marker or trend, we create the conversation for individuality and personal expression - and that's what makes the whole thing interesting.


Modern Relik was born from Meg Kimball's desire to share with the world her passion for curating and collecting. Throughout her life, she has been inspired by design movements and cultural cues that have melded into an eclectic point of view.  Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, travels, family and especially her four children who keep it real every day, she brings a fresh perspective with an appreciation for antiquities and the past - presenting it all in a rich, layered mix. 

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