Modern Relik's rug collection is completely hand-woven and designed in house by our design team. The human touch makes each item a unique piece as a result of being handcrafted. Therefore, the differences and deviations in colors, sizes, and texture that you may notice should be regarded as a benefit from the work of the artisans and not as imperfections.


Crafted Beni Ourain carpets are considered to be the most prestigious Moroccan rugs, made from the very finest of pure sheep's wool. Authentically tribal, each one is hand-woven by Berber women of the Beni Ourain tribes, who are known for selecting premium wools that are softer and silkier than most. Their many artistic designs have inspired European artists and were made trendy by Henri Matisse, who called the rugs "the huge whites". 100% Wool. Hand-woven in Morocco.


Our cowhides are made by expert Argentinean artisans who handcrafted our products to perfection. Using art techniques such as patchwork, laser cut, and acid washes, the exquisite detailing and luxurious textures create a timeless design.

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