Vases & Vessels


Inspired by volcanic rock worn from ocean waves, our sensuously shaped pumice vase collection cuts a striking silhouette. In the spirit of the trending brutalist style, each vase is hand dipped in a bold lava glaze.


Few stones can match the warm glow, the softly flowing colors, the TIMELESSNESS, and the authenticity of MARBLE.


Two collections of artful glass are equally beautiful in their simplicity. Our Artisan frosted vases undulate with dimpled waves and are colored in a variety of muted, opalescent tones. Each piece of our clear glass collection by Sempre is individually mouth-blown using traditional glassmaking techniques. In keeping with our philosophy, each piece is unique and no two are exactly the same.


"Why do we love the SEA? It is because it has some POTENT POWER to make us think things we LIKE TO THINK".

-Robert Henri

Crustaceans of natural ocean barnacles are painstakingly applied to enormous, hand-thrown ceramic urns and vessels, expressing the purity and romance of the sea.

EBRU Vases

The thousand year old art form of marbling is utilized to make these remarkable Ebru Wood Vases. Paint is applied and swirled to create water and marbled patterns. Each vase is hand carved out of mango wood and then carefully hand painted with an oil and water mixture. Because of this hand painted technique, no two vases are exactly alike. Dry botanicals only.


An Asian- style collection of ceramic vases imbued with patinas of white gloss and grey matte are available in a myriad of shapes and sizes.


Brenda Holzke's mixed media process is an evolution that she refers to as “organized chaos”. When working with clay, she is in a constant state of rebellion.

By pushing the limitations of this medium at every stage of creation, knowing that the clay is in control, she welcomes the cracks and flaws with open arms, embracing them as beautiful decay.

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