Fabric COVERED Lantern - Kohli Sisal Gray

Sometimes, simplicity makes the most stunning statement. Our collection of Fabric Covered Lanterns are just that kind of look. Handcrafted out of a blond or black bamboo frame and then sheathed in gorgeous fabrics, the upper and lower portions of the fixture are uncovered for a luminous effect. Each delicately woven shade emits light to a gauzy glow. These fixtures are handmade in the truest sense of the word. Longer lead times may apply and slight variations in the profiles of each pendant may exist.

The Kohli pendant has a handcrafted blonde bamboo frame, which is sheathed in an infinite swath of hand-knitted gray sisal from Swaziland, the fabric shades created in local collaborative workshops by women whose lives are being uplifted by the effort. The fabric is gathered around the frame by hand and cinched at the ends. The sheer quality of the delicately woven shade allows the light to cast intricate textural shadows on surrounding surfaces

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