Pied-a-Terre: MAGDALENA Keck - Hardcover

Successful interior designer Magdalena Keck has created some of the most refined and expansive “pied-a-terre” living spaces in the world’s glamour capital, New York City. Here she showcases 13 floorplans through 129 luscious photographs with accompanying texts detailing inspiration, architecture and design, and how the elements fit together to create unique and extraordinary environments. This is the first book of this important designer’s work.

Of the many interior design monographs, Pied-À-Terre stands out as one of the first explorations of this increasingly popular lifestyle and subject, previously unexamined in a book form. New York City interior designer Magdalena Keck fills the niche. Focusing on 13 luscious residences from New York to Miami Beach, the book offers an inspiring peek into homes edited to fine essentials and precisely responding to its habitants' needs. Applying sensory design, an appreciation for form and material, and an understanding of minimalism to each of her projects, Keck seamlessly brings clean, polished designs to an array of homes, most sharing one characteristic: a genuine, integrative approach. The designer’s core ethos inspired by pied-à-terre living is the foundation for the entire body of Keck’s work: primary, hotel residences, and weekend homes alike.

Moving from an introduction to the designer's ethos, the reader is taken on a journey through Keck’s oeuvre, through works that range from a Bowery penthouse and a Park Avenue apartment to a Brooklyn terrace and a Tribeca loft. Each project features striking photography, a concept description, and schematic floor plans, making this book both utilitarian and aspirational. Pied-À-Terre is an innovative book for those with interest in minimal, comfortably approachable design without stylistic mannerisms.

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