Rock SALT Plate

"The white gold from the Azalai". At one time the caravan route from Timbuktu extended through Taoudenni to Taghaza, a salt mining site, and on the lands north of the Sahara on the Meditteranean sea. Camels carried trade back and forth along this route. 

Translucent in places, opaque in others, moonstone white or blushed by laterite our Rock Salt Plates are a beautiful decorative piece for your home. Wrapped in goatskin rope, the salt plate is a statement piece marked with the tradition of the caravan trade of North Africa.

The plate is very fragile. It is composed of salt crystals and must be handled with care. The base is included with your purchase as a decorative stand. It is adjustable with an Allen wrench. Do not store outside or in a humid location.

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