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CIRCLE is a Persan colour suede tray. Made by Belgian designer, Michaël Verheyden. Verheyden combines respect for local traditions and expert workmanship with elemental forms. His designs are a celebration of sublime craftsmanship and rich, natural materials, such as wood, marble, leather and bronze. He is inspired by the long-standing tradition of Flemish design and craftsmanship and the peace and quiet and natural surroundings of the region where he was born, near Genk (BE), where he still lives and works today. Every object he fashions is therefore really unique. He relies on a team of hand-picked local craftsmen for the components. But every product is handled, assembled and lovingly looked over by the master before it leaves the workshop. This approach guarantees the highest level of quality and finish. Made in Europe.
    • Small: 11.4" Dia, 1.5"H
    • Large: 15.2" Dia, 1.5"H