Shop Pent Luxury Fitness & Gym Equipment Online

Modern Relik has split off its luxury fitness products into a separate brand called SPORTOVA. Sportova now carries Pent Fitness online, however Modern Relik customers will still have access to PENT Fitness through our concierge and salespeople.


Just like all aspects of the interior design process, the goal is usually to make everything beautiful, but also functional. That is the ethos of PENT fitness. The most exquisite fitness accessories for the most beautiful home gym. Pent has everything that is found in an exclusive home gym and a personal studio-perfect angle, curve, and stainless steel finish. The oiled walnut provides a firm grip and is very hygienic, with no harmful substances being passed on to the user when they perspire.


The form of each accessory is the result of months of design process and testing to develop the best version of each luxury fitness accessory. PENT seeks to create a luxury home gym-spa like experience for each client. Each product is handmade and can be customized to your desired needs and look. From custom leather colors, wood, and metals, every piece is bespoke and tailored to fit your dream home gym. Every piece of PENT fitness is made to order from start to finish by craftsmen who have honed their craft. PENT has everything that is found in the exclusive home gym and personal studio. Shop Pent Fitness luxury gym equipment online below at SPORTOVA, a Modern Relik sister company.