Modern Relik is part of an elite group of small retailers in the USA known for curating unique pieces of furniture, art, lighting, sculpture, and ceramics designed by critically acclaimed global artists who are known for their mastery of a particular artistic disclipline. Our makers encompass a range of modern contemporary designs and employ a variety of multidiscliplinary techniques - each artist bringing their own disctinctive point of view through their handmade pieces. Making use of both traditional art methods and state-of-the-art technologies, their works have been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions in international galleries around the globe.

Inspired by graphic design, fonts, patterns, and motifs from a myriad of eras and art movements, Modern Relik pulls from drawings and sketches that play upon the 'relik' side of our brand.


Through the magic of mythology, art movements such as those from the art nouveau, art deco, and folk art periods, and playful watercolor sketches that harken back to an elegant time gone by, we celebrate these historical references throughout our branding and in our own product creations as a reminder of our relationship to the past.