Modern Relik is a home furnishings brand and design firm founded by mother and son principals Meg Kimball and Sam Kimball in 2014. MR’s flagship store is located in the SOWA art & shopping district of Boston, MA. Featuring contemporary furniture, lighting, art, carpet and fastidious décor, blended with artifacts and vintage finds, products are either original to the Modern Relik brand or curated from around the world. The store is also home to Mod Espresso, a European-styled coffee bar, and a small boutique floral studio. 


The visionary behind Modern Relik is Meg Kimball, Creative Director, and distinctive interior designer of 20 years and a passionate art collector. Her keen eye for style emanates in her line of home furnishings and décor, originating from places all over the world. Meg has a passion for lifestyle and challenges industry norms by creating a company that inspires through experiential retailing. Meg’s discriminating style presides in various luxury commercial real estate, upscale residential homes, as well as in popular retail shops in the Boston area including Modern Relik’s boutique partnership with Boston Harbor Hotels. Leading the company in expansion and experiential retail, Meg has a keen ability to bring synergy and growth to all facets of the business. With a heavy aptitude for technology, marketing, and business development, Sam Kimball leads the company in brand development, technology systems, operational strategy & growth. In addition to these areas of expertise, Sam has a distinct eye for design—from craftsmanship, to product selection, and interior aesthetic, Sam not only leads the company but pushes its design into refinement and focus. Drawing inspiration from raw natural materials, Sam's vision for the company is prided on bringing excellence to the marketplace in a unique, curated way.